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Exhibitions opening hours

Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00 Last entry at: o 17:00
WEEKEND: 10:00 - 20:00 Last entry at: o 19:00

Book around 2 h for your visit and you will not miss a thing!

When buying a ticket online, you are always requested to select an available start hour of your visit.

When buying a ticket in the ticket office, you may be requested to wait for the start of your visit.

Want to avoid waiting?

Buy a ticket online!

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Where to park?

Car park in Hydropolis is for organised groups (arriving by bus) and for persons with disabilities. On weekends there is an open parking between the Oławski bridge and Polinka.

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Which means of transport should you use?

Take MPK or a bike!

Buses: Na Grobli (Hydropolis): 920
Urząd Wojewódzki (Impart):
D, 145, 146, 149

Trams: Plac Wróblewskiego:
3, 5, 16, 70
Urząd Wojewódzki (Impart): 4, 33

For whom is the centre designed?For whom is the centre designed?

We especially invite children at the age of 6 and older, at school age, as well as high school students, and adults. For the youngest we have prepared special interactive games and multimedia attractions.

Where to eat in the near area?

After purchasing the ticket we invite you to our cafe for delicious coffee or sweet and savory snacks. Lunches are served in restaurants near the Market Square and Wroblewski Square.

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Tour in Hydropolis with an audio guide

Remember to take along the earphones!

Thanks to the use of the technology of beacons, the lector will talk about the nearby exhibits.

Additionally — in three places in the centre you will find our mascots — visible thanks to the technology of Augumented Reality.

Allow to be introduced to the most important points of the exhibition.

Listen to a fragment of our audio guide…




Szacuje się, że na dnie mórz i oceanów mogą spoczywać nawet dwa miliony wraków. Mniej więcej do miliona z nich nie dotarli jeszcze żadni badacze. Z pewnością, najbardziej znana jest historia Titanica, który podczas swojego dziewiczego rejsu natrafił na górę lodową i zatonął w nocy z 14 na 15 kwietnia 1912 roku.

…and download it to your phone before you start the visit.


For children

There are many attractions prepared especially for children. What's more, there is also an infrastructure tailored to the needs of the youngest.

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Attractions in Wrocław

Staying in Wrocław for the weekend? Read our city guide. Plan properly a visit to Hydropolis, Aquapark, ZOO.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to buy Hydropolis tickets?

    You can buy tickets online or at the facility’s ticket offices (payable by card or in cash).

  • Is Hydropolis adjusted to the needs of disabled people?

    Yes, the whole exhibition can be visited by the disabled.

  • Can one buy a ticket in advance?

    Tickets can be bought in advance (online or at the facility’s ticket office).

  • Can a ticket be returned?

    Tickets which have been already paid for may be returned up to 7 days before the planned visit. In order to do this, the buyer must send a return request to the address zwroty@hydropolis.pl, providing all necessary data. The return will be performed to the bank account used to make the payment for the tickets within 7 days.

  • Can one check whether Hydropolis tickets are available for today?

    The availability of dates can be checked using the “Buy a ticket” tab on our website.

  • Who is eligible for a concessionary ticket?

    Pre-school children, primary and secondary school students aged up to 18 years, undergraduate and doctoral university students, old age and disability pensioners, as well as disabled people with their carers, upon presentation of relevant documents, are eligible for concessionary tickets.

  • Do you have to stand in line to collect tickets you bought online?

    Tickets bought online are sent to the buyer’s e-mail address as .pdf files. You can print them or just have them on your mobile device, e.g. phone.

  • I have an exhibition tour booked for a specific time – what time am I supposed to turn up?

    Please come at the time specified. 15-minute lateness is acceptable as far as individual visitors are concerned.

  • My payment has been cancelled. Why?

    The online payment system DotPay enables payment for tickets within 1 hour of the commencement of the ticket purchase process. When this time elapses, DotPay freezes the funds transferred that have not been credited to Hydropolis bank account. In such an event, it is necessary to request that DotPay return the funds transferred.

  • Are there guides at Hydropolis?

    There are guides for organised groups which have booked admissions and obtained confirmation of the guide service. Hydropolis is a narrative exhibition, which enables individual tours. Every visitor receives a map with a short description of the zones, where they may deepen their knowledge using multimedia. Additionally, at the exhibition you may encounter members of our staff, who are always happy to talk about the exhibits and answer any questions.

  • Is there a cloakroom at Hydropolis?

    Yes, there a free of charge cloakroom equipped with lockers.

  • What are the languages of exhibit descriptions?

    The exhibition has been fully translated into the English language, including exhibit descriptions, film subtitles, and general information.

  • Can I have something to eat at Hydropolis?

    There are two cafés at Hydropolis, also offering food.

  • Can I take photos or make videos?

    Taking pictures is allowed, e.g. with a phone. Please tag your Hydropolis photos on Instagram and Facebook with our official #hydropolis tag. However, filming videos - especially during the screening in the Planet of Water Zone - is strictly prohibited in the entire facility. Videos may be recorded only with prior permission. It is not allowed to use a flash in cameras.

  • Are there information brochures in foreign languages?

    We offer exhibition maps in English and German.