For children

Our exhibition is addressed to people of all ages, but we strongly recommend it also to a bit older children (at the age of 6 and older).  For our youngest visitors, we have prepared multimedia games, where they can e.g. play with dolphins, see to the cleanliness of coral reefs, and discover mythical water monsters, as well as find out about the structure and principles of formation of a water molecule. The exhibition also has four cinema halls, where you can watch a total of six movies devoted, among others, to deep-sea explorers and sea camouflage.

Children will surely be happy about:

  • over 70 interactive installations
  • 6 educational games
  • 3 cinema rooms
  • 3 spherical video projections

See attractions which will delight the children

Model of a tiger shark with a shoal of 1 500 tunas

Models of deep-sea creatures

Replica of the “Trieste” bathyscaphe in 1:1 scale

Europe’s longest water printer – 46,5m

Models of the biggest ships

Multimedia model of the Nile

3.5 m water vortex

Grand Earth model with a 360 degree screen of 60 metres