The official Hydropolis application has been launched

On Google Play and the App Store, our free application is now available, thanks to which visiting of our Center will become more interesting and much easier.

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The main task of the new software is to enrich the content presented at the exhibition by voice guidance directed to the user. The downloaded application can be activated only inside Hydropolis in two ways: manually – by using one of the markers, or automatically thanks to Bluetooth technology. Audio records are saved in the device’s memory, so you can play them easily offline. Thanks to the so-called “Beacons” – small radio signal transmitters, just approaching one of the exhibits will start the reproduction of the material assigned to the closest attraction. In the easy way you will also be able to synchronize the listening sound with the frame encountered in one of the cinema rooms. The premiere version of the software supports Polish language, and in the next few weeks will also be enriched with an English and German package. Due to the care of the comfort of all guests, the launch of the audio guidance service requires the use of headphones.

For the youngest we recommend the Augmented Reality module, thanks to which it will be possible to get to know three-dimensional images of our popular mascots – the Octopus and the Shark. In the area of the exhibition there are specially marked points, which thanks to the downloaded application, will turn into places of fun meetings.
Another useful functionality will certainly be the ability to display the visitor’s position on the site map. Thanks to the solution, everyone can easily find a toilet, a cafe or a specific part of the exhibition.

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Tour in Hydropolis with an audio guide

Remember to take along the earphones!

Thanks to the use of the technology of beacons, the lector will talk about the nearby exhibits.

Additionally — in three places in the centre you will find our mascots — visible thanks to the technology of Augumented Reality.

Allow to be introduced to the most important points of the exhibition.

Listen to a fragment of our audio guide…




Szacuje się, że na dnie mórz i oceanów mogą spoczywać nawet dwa miliony wraków. Mniej więcej do miliona z nich nie dotarli jeszcze żadni badacze. Z pewnością, najbardziej znana jest historia Titanica, który podczas swojego dziewiczego rejsu natrafił na górę lodową i zatonął w nocy z 14 na 15 kwietnia 1912 roku.

…and download it to your phone before you start the visit.