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Education in Hydropolis

Educational function is a priority for our centre, therefore the educational offer has been prepared for all organized groups (over 10 persons). Each such group can order a guided tour with a professional guide or take part in workshops. We particularly encourage teachers, students, schools and kindergartens to benefit from these facilitates

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Visit in Hydropolis with a guide

Each organized group coming to Hydropolis by bus can use the guarded car park located directly next to the facility. We will also provide you with a tour guide who will guide the group through the exhibition, adjusting the information to the age of students. For every 10 pupils, one carer can use a free entrance to the centre.

Price: 17 PLN per person

Visit in Hydropolis with a guide and taking part in workshops

Specially for school groups, we have prepared a combined offer of exhibition tours and interactive educational workshops. It is a solution thanks to which students will discover water-related phenomena from the subjects of biology, geography, physics and chemistry, both theoretically and practically. Workshops led by guides last about 45 minutes - the topic corresponds to the age of students and follows the current curriculum. Workshops + exhibitions tour takes around 2 to 3 hours.

Price: 27 PLN per person

Educational offer

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Workshop Suggested for: Kindergarten

The Magic of Water

Students use basic colours to create derivative colours and then check whether they can be separated. In the second part of the classes, they will learn what the air is made of and what is the difference between a cloud and a fog. Using chemical reagents and laboratory equipment they will create a colourful rain!

Workshop Suggested for: Class 1-3

Swelling paints

Students will learn how to obtain colourings from natural ingredients available in the kitchen. They will then use them to create unusual paints that will allow them to create 3D images.

Workshop Suggested for: Class 4-6

Harry Krakers

How does the human digestive system work and what are its components? How long is the intestine? Following in the footsteps of Harry Krakers, students will learn about the successive stages of digestion and structure of the human body.

Workshop Suggested for: Class 7-8

Air and its content

During the workshop, students learn about the composition of the mixture we breathe, and about which we often forget. During the chemical experiments we will examine the ratio of individual air-bearing gases and learn about their properties.

Workshop Suggested for: High school

Vitamin C

What are vitamins and what do we need them for? Where can we find vitamin C? And does lemon really have it the most? With the help of titration, the pupils will test the ascorbic acid content of their daily food.

Educational folder

Download, send or print a short information about all workshops and share the idea of visiting Hydropolis with parents or management.

Education in Hydropolis

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We would like to inform you that registration for a group tour with a guide, as well as registration for the workshops are done online. In order to book a tour with a guide or workshops for a group of at least ten people, please fill out the registration form below and send it to us.

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Other attractions

Interactive games

Addictive fun not only for children. Swimming with dolphins and exploring the seabed is just the beginning.

Arcadia Cafe

After buying a ticket, we invite you for coffee and something sweet in our cafe - Arcadia Cafe. Lunches are served in restaurants near the Market Square and Pl. Wróblewskiego.

Gift shop

Looking for an idea for a gift? Get one of our educational toys for children, a souvenir from Wrocław or a Hydropolis gadget.

Multimedia attractions

Among over 70 of them there is - a grand Earth model with a 360 degree screen of 65 metres in length. The exhibits are accompanied by over 40 scientific articles.