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Education in Hydropolis

Educational function is a priority for our centre, therefore the educational offer has been prepared for all organized groups (over 10 persons). Each such group can order a guided tour with a professional guide or take part in workshops. We particularly encourage teachers, students, schools and kindergartens to benefit from these facilitates

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Visit in Hydropolis with a guide

Each organized group coming to Hydropolis by bus can use the guarded car park located directly next to the facility. We will also provide you with a tour guide who will guide the group through the exhibition, adjusting the information to the age of students. For every 10 pupils, one carer can use a free entrance to the centre.

Price: 21 PLN per person

Visit in Hydropolis with a guide and taking part in workshops

Specially for school groups, we have prepared a combined offer of exhibition tours and interactive educational workshops. It is a solution thanks to which students will discover water-related phenomena from the subjects of biology, geography, physics and chemistry, both theoretically and practically. Workshops led by guides last about 45 minutes - the topic corresponds to the age of students and follows the current curriculum. Workshops + exhibitions tour takes around 2 to 3 hours.

Price: 38 PLN per person

Educational offer

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Workshop Suggested for: Kindergarten

Sea expeditions and land conquests

We invite you to an amazing adventure of exploring the Earth! During these workshops, children will discover the world of the oceans and learn about the continents, their names, and characteristics. Interactive activities await them. They will prepare three-dimensional salt dough maps. This experience will allow them to see up close how maps are made. Participants will be able to take home previously prepared 3D maps. It is a souvenir that will remind them of the adventure and encourage them to explore further.

Workshop Suggested for: Class 1-3

In a land of colours

Classes during which children will discover the phenomenon of the rainbow and prepare its laboratory version. Together we will find out what conditions must be met so that we can admire this colourful arch in the sky. Children will learn about the operation of a prism that splits light into colours. We will not only immerse ourselves in the world of colours, but also find out what the density of water is and how differences in density affect the mixing of liquids. It is an experience that will allow you to understand the phenomena that occur in everyday life. The workshop is full of interactive learning and interesting experiments. And the rainbow will become an excuse to find out how individual colours are created.

Workshop Suggested for: Class 4-6

The value of water

A workshop on the water cycle in nature. During the classes, participants will learn about the hydrological cycle, discovering its individual stages. Interesting lessons await them about the states of aggregation of water and phase transitions, which will show how this universal substance changes, creating countless living environments on our planet. Together we will analyse what actions can be taken to minimize the negative impact of human activity on nature. During the classes, students will experiment and check the physical and chemical properties of water. The interactive experience will allow you to understand the amazing properties of this life-giving substance.

Workshop Suggested for: Class 7-8

A mystery in a fossil

Unique activities that will take us to the beginning of the history of the Earth! During this workshop, you will learn what fossils are and what they mean for understanding the history of our planet. We will show how these extraordinary finds were created, what conditions must be met for them to survive for thousands of years, and what role water played in all of this. Together we will prepare plaster casts of fossils of organisms found in primeval seas in Poland. We will create our own replicas that will be a memento of this prehistory lesson. Participants will also learn how to calculate geological time, which will allow them to understand the extended periods of development of our planet.

Workshop Suggested for: High school

Owl explorations

Together with the participants, we will delve into the world of nature, discovering the life of owls. The main topic of the course will be the analysis of the pellets of these birds. We will get to know their diet and find out what species live in our area. This is an experience that will allow you to understand the life of these beautiful predators and find out what role they play in the environment. Their presence is extremely important for the balance of the ecosystem. The workshops are also a unique opportunity to gain experience about the principles of working in a biological laboratory. Thanks to this experience, participants will gain valuable skills and knowledge needed to conduct advanced scientific research.

Education in Hydropolis

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The menu has been prepared for you by MasterChef Mateusz Zielonka. He is the one behind the original idea of creating a unique menu for exceptional guests of Hydropolis. We believe that the ideas of the Wroclaw-based chef will appeal to your taste.

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Addictive fun not only for children. Swimming with dolphins and exploring the seabed is just the beginning.


After purchasing the ticket, we invite you to our bistro or cafe for delicious coffee or sweet and savory snacks. The bistro is located on the route from the ticket office to the exhibition. The cafe is located underground, right next to the Entrance Area.

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