§ 1

1. The Centre for Ecological Education “Hydropolis” (hereinafter referred to as Hydropolis) is managed by MPWiK Spółka Akcyjna, entered into the National Court Register of the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna, 4th Commercial-Registry Department, entry no. 0000391028.

2. Hydropolis attains the statutory purpose of the company MPWiK S.A., which is education. The centre’s mission is to convey knowledge concerning water, its role in the world and man’s life, as well as phenomena related to it, and do so in an accessible manner. Hydropolis attains this aim by making its exhibition available for tours and undertaking intensive activity as part of its educational offer.

3. Visitors to Hydropolis are obliged to adhere to these Regulations.

4. Hydropolis is open to visitors on days and during hours specified on its website: hydropolis.pl and displayed at Hydropolis ticket office.

5. Hydropolis reserves the right to change visiting hours and temporarily exclude part of the exhibition in well-justified cases.

6. The number of people who may be visiting the Hydropolis building at the same time is strictly limited.

7. In the opening hours, visitors enter the exhibition according to the date and time of entering specified on their ticket. Hydropolis reserves the right to not admit people whose lateness exceeds 15 minutes, if it is advisable due to the number of people present at the facility as well as security considerations.

8. Last visitors can enter the exhibition 60 minutes before it closes.

9. After the visit is over, the visitor cannot return to the exhibition using the same ticket.

10. Exhibitions and items being part thereof are not permanent. A change or exclusion of some exhibits does not constitute a basis for a claim for full or partial restitution of the admission fee.


§ 2


1. Hydropolis personnel’s guidance and instructions must be completely adhered to at Hydropolis premises (understood as the buildings and the whole fenced in area of Hydropolis – also referred to as Hydropolis Premises).

2. During a tour of Hydropolis, one must follow designated paths and adhere to signs and information placed on information boards, as well as information and comments conveyed by Hydropolis personnel.

3. Children aged under 13 may visit Hydropolis Premises only in the charge of an adult.

4. Every organised group of under-age people may visit Hydropolis Premises only in the charge of at least one adult carer.

5. As far as secondary and upper-secondary school groups are concerned, one carer can be in the charge of a maximum number of 15 students; for nursery school and primary school groups, one carer can be in the charge of a maximum number of 10 children.

6. Carers hold responsibility for the behaviour of the children in their care and for any material losses caused by culpable damage or devastation of exhibits or other items located at Hydropolis Premises.

7. The interactive elements of the exposition must be used following handling instructions located at relevant elements of the exposition or guidance conveyed by Hydropolis personnel. Particular attention should be paid to warnings and notices located at elements of the exposition.

8. The experimental tables are turned on and handled only by Hydropolis personnel or other authorised people.

9. Any malfunctions, damage or destruction of elements of Hydropolis exposition and equipment should be immediately reported to Hydropolis personnel.

10. There may be pulsating light at the exhibition, which can have adverse effects on people suffering from photogenic epilepsy.

11. It is prohibited at Hydropolis Premises to undertake behaviours which may disrupt other peoples’ visiting experience or pose a threat of an accident, injury or other damage to a visitor’s health.

12. It is particularly prohibited at Hydropolis Premises to

    • damage or move elements of the exposition and other items, or carry them out of the building or Hydropolis Premises;
    • run, jump, sit and hang on elements of the exposition and other items.
    • use elements of the exposition and other items in a manner contradictory to their purpose and non-compliant with relevant instructions;
    • enter water tanks and throw small objects, including coins, into water tanks;
    • bring in objects which are potentially dangerous and can cause an injury, prick or another damage to health, as well as weapons, explosives and other items dangerous to life and health;
    • bring in and have food and drinks outside places designated for this purpose;
    • bring in and have alcoholic drinks, smoke tobacco, bring in and use intoxicants, use electronic cigarettes;
    • bring in umbrellas, backpacks, large bags and outer garments;
    • bring in bicycles, scooters, skateboards or other similar devices and ride them;
    • throw out litter (including chewing gum) in places which are not designated for this purpose;
    • leaving personal belongings (in particular bags, backpacks and suitcases) in places which are not designated for this purpose;
    • bring animals in Hydropolis Premises, excluding guide dogs and assisting dogs;
    • undertake sales operation without a prior written permit of MPWiK S.A.;
    • undertake advertising operation without a prior written permit of MPWiK S.A., or political campaigning;
    • take photographs of the exhibition with flashes and stands, or make videos without a relevant written permit of MPWiK S.A., which must be issued prior to one’s entering the exhibition;
    • Umbrellas, backpacks, big bags, and outer garments must be left in the free-of-charge cloakroom, whose opening hours are the same as the opening hours of Hydropolis. In the event a key, token or number for a locker in the cloakroom becomes lost, the visitor is charged a fee of 20 PLN.
    • Hydropolis personnel are entitled to refuse admission or ask a person who does not adhere to these Regulations to leave the facility. In such an event, the client is not entitled to full or partial return of the ticket price.

§ 3


1. The showing entitled The Planet of Water begins according to a schedule. Information on at what time the next showing begins is available on the screen next to the entrance to the screening room.

2. Visitors are admitted to a showing directly before it begins.

3. It is not advisable to leave the screening room during the showing. People who leave the screening room cannot return to it during the showing.

4. It is prohibited to record sound and image during the Planet of Water showing.

5. During the Planet of Water showing, all electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, photographic cameras, mp3 players, laptops, and other devices emitting light or sound) must be turned off.

6. It is prohibited to touch the technical and electronic devices of the screening room.

7. During showings in the screening room, one must be extremely cautious due to the turned off lights and the semi-darkness, as well as due to the open water tank.

8. Participation in showings is safe for people using artificial pacemakers.

§ 4


1. Admission to the exhibition is paid. Children under 3 years of age are admitted free of charge.

2. For tickets purchased but not used for reasons beyond the control of Hydropolis one is not entitled to full or partial return of the ticket price. It also applies to non-use of the visiting time.

3. A ticket which was not used in the determined time cannot be used for visiting Hydropolis on another date.

4. Hydropolis reserves the right to charge additional fees for using specific attractions outside the standard Hydropolis offer.

5. Tickets can be purchased directly at Hydropolis ticket office or with the online ticket sales system available on the website bilety.hydropolis.pl, in accordance with the current Price List and Regulations of online ticket sales.

6. The current Ticket price list and the Regulations of online ticket sales are available at Hydropolis ticket office and on the website hydropolis.pl.

7. A sale of tickets is conditional upon the availability of free places. Hydropolis reserves the right to suspend ticket sales due to exceeding the largest permissible number of visitors present at the Hybropolis facility.

8. The ticket office is opened at the time the Hydropolis facility starts its business day and closed 90 minutes before the exhibition closes.

9. Organised groups are obliged to make an online ticket reservation in advance using the e-mail address rezerwacja@hydropolis.pl or by telephone on 71 34 09 515 from Monday to Friday, between 08:30 am and 04:30 pm. Reservation covers only group tickets and is conditional upon availability of free places.

10. The rules of group ticket reservation are available on the website bilety.hydropolis.pl/.

11. The ticket office accepts payment in Polish zlotys and by card (types of accepted cards are specified at Hydropolis ticket office and on the website: bilety.hydropolis.pl).

12. The visitor is entitled to a refund of the funds paid for reservation if a relevant request is made 7 days before the scheduled birthday party at the latest. The basis for a refund is a receipt, VAT invoice or another document confirming the purchase of tickets.

13. Return of amounts paid will be performed:

    • for tickets purchased at the ticket office – in cash or into the buyer’s card in accordance with the form in which the payment was made;
    • for tickets purchase online – to the account from which the online payment was made, in accordance with the rules specified in the Regulations of online ticket sales.

14. Hydropolis personnel reserve the right to verify the documents provided by visitors to purchase concessionary tickets prior to their entry to the exhibition (e.g. student ID cards, Urbancard, etc.). In the event entitlement to a concessionary ticket is not confirmed, Hydropolis has the right to demand the visitor to pay the ticket price in full, or refuse admission should the visitor refuse to pay the ticket price in full.

14. Types of tickets:

    • regular ticket,
    • concessionary ticket – upon presenting required documents entitlement for children at a pre-school age (confirmation of the entitlement – child’s medical record book, passport or abridged birth certificate), primary and secondary school students (confirmation of the entitlement – student ID card), college and university students, including doctoral students (confirmation of the entitlement – student ID card), old age pensioners, disability pensioners (confirmation of the entitlement – pensioner card), as well as disabled people (confirmation of the entitlement – disabled person’s card) along with their carers (confirmation of the entitlement – the disabled person’s ID).
    • regular group ticket (10 people at minimum) – as for organised groups, 1 group organiser per each 10 people is entitled to admission free of charge.
    • concessionary group ticket (10 people at minimum) – for people entitled to a concessionary ticket – for s for organised groups, 1 group organiser per each 10 people is entitled to admission free of charge.
    • family ticket (2 adults + 2 children at maximum/ 1 adult + 3 children) – entitlement for parents or carers with children aged up to 19 (student ID card must be presented), for each consecutive child a ticket can be purchased at the price of a concessionary group ticket.
    • Family Plus – (for holders of Wrocław Family Plus card) – irrespective of the number of children.
    • Big Family – (for holders of Big Family Card) – irrespective of the number of children.
    • Cheaper with URBANCARD – ticket with a discount – entitlement for holders of Wrocław URBANCARD. The discount covers purchase of regular and concessionary tickets, in accordance with the current Price List. Urbancard Premium entitles one to a discount on a regular ticket and up to 5 concessionary tickets.

15. Tourist guides and group organisers are entitled to free of charge tickets upon presenting documents confirming their professional activity in this area. All carers of groups requiring special care (i.e. integrated schools and groups of disabled people) are entitled to free of charge admission.


§ 5


1. Hydropolis Premises are protected with an audio-video surveillance system and physical security.

2. Hydropolis personnel provide essential aid to visitors in cases of emergencies and sudden accidents, as well as calling relevant services if such a need arises.

3. Hydropolis is not responsible for children left unattended or without an adult’s care.

4. Hydropolis is not responsible for events or harm to any person or their belongings which took place at Hydropolis Premises if they occur due to circumstances beyond the control of Hydropolis, in particular those resulting from:

    • non-adherence to these Regulations,
    • using and operating elements of the exposition in a manner non-compliant to these Regulations and detailed instructions for elements of the exposition,
    • non-adherence to guidance provided by Hydropolis personnel,
    • leaving a child unattended by an adult carer or parent,
    • unfamiliarity, which also includes failing to familiarise children in the charge of an adult with rules with respect to appropriate and safe use of items located at Hydropolis Premises,
    • prohibited behaviours specified in § 2, items 13 and 14 of these Regulations,
    • carelessness and inattentiveness on the part of visitors to Hydropolis Premises during their tour, as well as ignoring warning signs placed in potentially dangerous places. It also refers to situations where water is spilled over clothes, electronic devices or other valuable belongings.

5. In the event of damage or destruction of an exhibit or an element of the exposition by a visitor, the visitor is held responsible for the occurrence in accordance with the legal regulations in force.

6. Hydropolis is not responsible for visitors’ belongings left behind at Hydropolis Premises.

7. Belongings found at Hydropolis Premises or left behind in the cloakroom will be stored for two weeks of the date of finding, after which time they may be handed over to the Lost Property Office.

8. Hydropolis Security Service are entitled to enforce the provisions of these Regulations, in particular with respect to § 2.

9. Hydropolis Security Service and personnel are entitled to check whether visitors to Hydropolis bring in objects specified in § 2, item 14.

10. In a situation involving direct threat to visitors’ health or life, Hydropolis reserves the right to immediately terminate delivery of its services.

11. In the event an evacuation announcement is made, all people present at Hydropolis Premises are obliged to immediately leave the building using the closes emergency exit and completely follow Hydropolis Security Service’s and personnel’s orders.

§ 6


1. The Regulations are available on the website hydropolis.pl and at Hydropolis ticket office.

2. Additional information on the Hydropolis exhibition can be obtained by writing to the address e-mail:biuro@hydropolis.pl or calling +48 71 34 09 515.

3. By purchasing their ticket, the visitor undertakes to accept these Regulations and adhere to them.

4. The visitor’s failing to adhere to these Regulations constitutes a basis for a demand that the visitor leave Hydropolis Premises. In such an event, the visitor is not entitled to re-enter Hydropolis on that day nor claim a refund of the admission fee.

5. Recording of the clients’ likeness may be performed at Hydropolis Premises by video or audio recording or photography in order to enable delivery of of the Hydropolis tour service. By entering Hydropolis Premises, clients grant their consent to have their likeness, and the likeness of the people remaining in their charge, recorded in order to enable verification of the correct course of their tour.

6. Hydropolis reserves the right to change these regulations. Changed Regulations will be made available to the public on the website hydropolis.pl and at Hydropolis ticket office.

7. The Regulations enter into force as of the day of January 1 2017.