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Events offer

Hydropolis is a revitalized post-industrial facility with a unique atmosphere.

For companies and organisations we provide a space that inspires and constitutes
a beautiful background for many important events,
photographic sessions, movie sets.

Minimum number of participants in a special event: 50 persons

Special events and preparatory works are organised after opening hours of the centre.

Exhibitions opening hours

from Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 18:00

weekend: 10:00 - 20:00


Choose a space for you

Entrance Zone Relaxation ZoneStates of Water Zone
  • Cocktail 200 osób
  • Banquet 100 osób
  • Theater setting 120 osób
  • Cocktail 150 osób
  • Banquet 100 osób
  • Theater setting 150 osób
  • Cocktail 70 osób
  • Banquet 50 osób
  • Theater setting 70 osób
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Prices and booking rules

Booking Hydropolis and event organisation

70 PLN gross per person (including 30 PLN paid in the form of a ticket 8% VAT and 40 PLN gross based on a booking agreement 23% VAT).

Tour after opening hours of Hydropolis without organising a special event

30 PLN gross paid in the form of a ticket. Minimum number of a tour participants after hours: 30 persons.


  • Hydropolis is provided under a booking agreement.
  • The cost of the booking includes a guided tour service (Polish and English).
  • Special events and preparatory works are organised after opening hours of the centre.
  • The booking Client is responsible for realising services related to catering and any additional attractions.
  • Arrangements related to lighting and sound system of the centre require our approval.
  • During the event, the participants shall follow the event rules.
  • The Client is obliged to attach to the booking agreement a schedule of works including: agenda of the event, hourly schedule related to the assembly and disassembly performed by external companies or the Client, contact details of the coordinating person.
  • Activity of Hydropolis is based on the provided exhibition. Organizing the event during the centre’s opening hours is equivalent to buying a specific pool of tickets.

Want to organise and event in Hydropolis?

Contact us for all details.

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Why it is worth to choose Hydropolis?

We support Green Events

In accordance with CSR principles, we educate Hydropolis guests, also in the field of environmental protection. We want the events organized in our water knowledge centre to be ecological, therefore we encourage you to apply the following principles:

  • waste segregation;
  • applying reusable dishes and packaging;
  • drinking the Wrocław tap water as part of the #PijKranówka campaign, or water from glass bottles or jugs;
  • selecting Fair Trade certified products;
  • using seasonal and local products;
  • limiting the amount of meat on the menu;
  • reducing food waste and sharing food in community fridges;
  • rational use of energy, preferred use of equipment with at least “A” class energy efficiency;
  • using public transport or sharing one car;
  • distribution of ecological gadgets and without unnecessary packaging, according to 4R rule – rethink, reduce, reuse, recycling.