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Events offer

Hydropolis is a revitalized post-industrial facility with a unique atmosphere.

For companies and organisations we provide a space that inspires and constitutes
a beautiful background for many important events,
photographic sessions, movie sets.

Minimum number of participants in a special event: 50 persons

Special events and preparatory works are organised after opening hours of the centre.

Exhibitions opening hours

from Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 18:00

weekend: 10:00 - 20:00


Choose a space for you

Entrance Zone Relaxation ZoneStates of Water Zone
  • Cocktail 200 osób
  • Banquet 100 osób
  • Theater setting 120 osób
  • Cocktail 150 osób
  • Banquet 100 osób
  • Theater setting 150 osób
  • Cocktail 70 osób
  • Banquet 50 osób
  • Theater setting 70 osób
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Prices and booking rules

Booking Hydropolis and event organisation

70 PLN gross per person (including 30 PLN paid in the form of a ticket 8% VAT and 40 PLN gross based on a booking agreement 23% VAT).

Tour after opening hours of Hydropolis without organising a special event

30 PLN gross paid in the form of a ticket. Minimum number of a tour participants after hours: 30 persons.


  • Hydropolis is provided under a booking agreement.
  • The cost of the booking includes a guided tour service (Polish and English).
  • Special events and preparatory works are organised after opening hours of the centre.
  • The booking Client is responsible for realising services related to catering and any additional attractions.
  • Arrangements related to lighting and sound system of the centre require our approval.
  • During the event, the participants shall follow the event rules.
  • The Client is obliged to attach to the booking agreement a schedule of works including: agenda of the event, hourly schedule related to the assembly and disassembly performed by external companies or the Client, contact details of the coordinating person.
  • Activity of Hydropolis is based on the provided exhibition. Organizing the event during the centre’s opening hours is equivalent to buying a specific pool of tickets.

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