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Video review of Hydropolis

Owen Williams is originally from the UK, but he lives in Wroclaw. From the beginning of this year he explores the city with the camera. Watch the video from Hydropolis:

Hydropolis is one of the seven wonders of Poland

In the sixth edition of the competition organized by the National Geographic Traveler more than 30,000 votes have been cast. Scond place in the competition “The Seven Wonders of Poland” has been granted to Hydroopolis. Thank you for all your votes!

Diver from the eighteenth century arrived to hydropolis

Did you know that the world’s first diving suit was built in Wroclaw in 1797? The Hydropolis just launched the latest temporary exhibition depicting the history of the water rescue. You can see, among others, replica of the Karl Heinrich Klingert suit, the first such invention in the world. The exhibition will be available for the next two months. See the photo gallery.

Deep-sea monsters in Hydropolis

An interactive catalogue of deep-sea organisms is the newest one of many attractions at Wroclaw’s Hydropolis. Mysterious fish and other deep-sea creatures are showcased in acrylic glass cylinders using special illuminated effects. Visitors can examine them in painstaking detail. The screen features unique video materials registered at enormous depths by specially designed robots. See the photo gallery.

Hydropolis in “TOP 5” must-see Polish museums

According to the editors of the prestigious magazine Puls Biznesu we are in top five of the best museums in Poland! Read the article

The venue

HYDROPOLIS exhibition is located in a historic, 19th century underground clean water tank boasting a surface area of 4,000 m². The exhibition is divided into 8 themed zones, each of which presents water from a different, fascinating angle.


The amount of water on the Earth has remained unchanged for millions of years. It plays a significant role in all life on our planet. Therefore, it is so important to learn and understand its essence. At HYDROPOLIS, we emphasise education and the awareness of the processes which water is part of – from functions served inside the human cell to oceanic currents shaping the Earth’s climate.

The planet
of water

How did water come into being? Is there a lot of it in space? How did it find itself on the Earth?

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary tale of the beginnings of water. A 360° projection of about fifteen minutes will take you to the most remote corners of space.

The depths

They are mysterious, unfriendly and full of amazing creatures.

Discover the uncanny life hidden in the dark. Find out about the fascinating world of bioluminescence and the ecosystems of hydrothermal chimneys, where the water temperature reaches 400°C.

Together with the adventurers of the “Trieste II” bathyscaphe, you’ll experience the legendary journey to the deepest place on the Earth and trace the history of discovering the underwater world.

The ocean
of life

This zone’s theme is evolution and the diversity of life, which appeared in water about 3.3 billion years ago.

We present the rich ecosystems of coral reefs and camouflage techniques. Here, you will also learn of the diversity of water life – from microorganisms hidden in a drop of water to huge squids and large marine mammals.

As for the youngest visitors, we have prepared engrossing multimedia games, where they can play with dolphins, ensure the cleanliness of coral reefs and discover mythical water monsters.

The relaxation

For all those of you tired with the bulk of new impressions there is the relaxation zone, whose fairy tale-like, fantasy setting will let you rest and build up strength to resume your visit.

The hydropedia

Did you discover something particularly interesting at the exhibition? You can deepen your knowledge on the subject any time.

Across all area of the exhibition you’ll find Hydropedia – a collection of popular science articles written especially in mind with HYDROPOLIS. Authored by specialists in their respective fields and people with a passion for science, they discuss and elaborate on the exhibition’s topics.

and water

On average, water comprises 60% of our body mass, which is a reason good enough to look closer at man’s relation with water.

Find out about the functions it serves in the human body. Also, learn about the role it has in culture, religion, art and leisure.

The history
of water

Since the dawn of time, all civilisations have thrived in the proximity of water. Man has tried to bend it to his will and make it work for his own purposes.

In this zone you will see great ancient engineers’ water inventions and find out about the development of the ancient Egyptian civilisation, inherently bound with the Nile.
Moreover, the exceptionally accurate ship models – from ancient vessels to contemporary ones – will present the evolution of buoyant watercraft over centuries.

The temporary exhibitions zone

There are currently many breath-taking projects coming into being where the worlds of art, ecology, science and technology meet. What we want to present in the temporary exhibitions zone is select artistic actions whose common denominator is the diverse bond between man and water.

The city
and water

Contemporary cities are complex infrastructural systems with water management being one of the foundations of their proper operation.

In this zone you will learn about the methods of water supply and sewage collection and disposal. You will also travel back in time to trace the development of Wrocław’s water supply system. You will find out how global metropolises work and see the most impressive hydrotechnical facilities.

The location


ul. Na Grobli 19-21

Exhibition opening hours

Monday – Friday: 09.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m. (last admissions at 04.30 p.m.)

Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m. (last admissions at 06.30 p.m.)

Parking places for the visitors

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Public transport
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Hydropolis Office

e-mail: biuro@hydropolis.pl
phone: 71 34 09 515 (information number available from Monday to Friday between 09.00 a.m. and 04.30 p.m., at weekends – between 10.00 a.m. and 06.30 p.m.)

Reservation for organised groups

e-mail: rezerwacje@hydropolis.pl

Contact person for the media
Rafał Zagrobelny
phone: 71 34 09 625