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The opportunity to organise a birthday party at Hydropolis is a new thing. Swim with us to a water reality full of adventures and immerse yourself in unforgettable play.

Take a look at the themed play programmes we offer and fish out one with which your child's birthday scenario will flow - let yourself be captivated by a wave of underwater experiences.

Find out about details of our hydrobirthday offer and organise a party for your kids – one that will take them to the world of science and entertainment. Moor with your child and their guests at Hydropolis on a date of your choice. We guarantee you will take to it like a duck to water.

Explorers of the depths

In the Hydropolis bay

A space adventure


The underwater world

Explorers of the depths

By taking a tour of the exhibition, the explorers must reach the deepest place on the Earth. On their way, they will face various tasks and collect hints necessary for them to discover the oceanic depths.

In the Hydropolis bay

Pirates have hidden a treasure at Hydropolis. The party guests will impersonate treasure hunters, whose task will be to find a mysterious hidden chest. To accomplish that, they will have to learn about water and discover hidden messages in a crossword puzzle.

A space adventure

Life on the Earth is not easy, and it is all the more difficult it you don’t know your planet. There are a few challenges awaiting the guests: discovery of the Earth’s qualities and the environmental problems which its inhabitants are coping with, as well as help to be provided to ecologists.


Our guests will impersonate superheroes well-known from films. Their mission will be to control water consumption in the city and help lost sea animals.

The underwater world

The tuna, tortoise and sea lion are but a few animals that need our help. The ecological path allowing the visitor to understand the rules of caring for animals and the environment will make it possible for the party guests to help species endangered with extinction.

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